Ton-sur-ton Peter

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I was on my way to central station when, from the corner of my eye, I saw a white appearance walking by. He passed me by in a hurry while his white gown was waving behind him in the wind. I didn’t hesitate and turned my handlebar right away to catch up with him.┬áIt turned out the the mystic figure was called Peter, so I learned when I approached him. And Peter showed a sign of relieve when I complimented him with his beautiful style. ‘There are a lot of people that don’t appreciate it. I get a lot of glances and sometimes they call out things,’ he tells me somewhat insecure. Despite the negative reactions in the street, Peter stays true to his own style. He preferably buys vintage items only. Always with attention to detail: everything ton-sur-ton, including the tie and some sort of laptop bag. And the latter is completely non-functional, as would only befit the best of accessories. ‘There’s nothing in there; it’s just part of the outfit.’

This article was featured in online lifestyle magazine NSMBL

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