The Horse Trainer

Posted on Apr 25, 2014 | No Comments
I probably made the worst mistake ever when approaching a scottish man: I asked him something about his skirt. ‘It’s not a skirt. Don’t ever say that again,’ he rightly responded. Luckily, he wasn’t easily offended by nature and we had a nice chat after all. Born on a horse farm in Scotland, he grew up training horses. After having performed the job for a few years in the region, he was asked to come to Egypt to advise their army in horse training. But it wasn’t a big success. ‘Of course not. It’s the men there, they won’t take advice. Too macho.’ On his way back home he spent a few days in Amsterdam and never left. Now he runs his friends’ market stall at the Noordermarkt. He sometimes misses the horses. And Scottish weather.


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