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“Clothes serve as a means to show yourself. To radiate that you dare to express and impress, saying: ‘This is me, this is what I stand for. I’m special.’

Most of the clothes I wear are vintage. I mainly draw inspiration from iconic Hollywood movies from the forties and fifties and from sixties and seventies style icons, like Andy Warhol’s Silver Factory babes. In my head, I’m always another movie character, dressing up accordingly – I don’t do it on purpose, it’s just the way I’m wired. Once I step outside, reality hits me. I consistently feel a bit overdressed, but I’ve accepted that. I know I’ll always stand out.

I’ve noticed a transition on the streets of Amsterdam, though. As a little girl growing near the Leidseplein, I saw a diverse range of colourfully dressed people passing by. Creative people, with a strong identity and free spirit, fighting for their uniqueness. Now, not so much. Amsterdam’s become more expensive and it seems to be driving out the creative ones. I do miss the old ambience, that exciting feeling of adventure and people speaking and dressing up.

Sometimes, I hear people in the streets making negative comments about the way I look. I guess that being different suggests a certain kind of power. Maybe that stings people, maybe they’re jealous. It almost made me feel restricted in what I choose to wear but I’ve stopped caring about fitting in. I follow my instincts and interests, more strongly even as I grow older.”

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