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‘This part of the Spuistraat is really cool I think. There are all sorts of old squats and I used to be a squatter myself. Those people don’t give a shit. I find the atmosphere more relaxed. No one looks at you as if to say ‘What are you wearing?

I did have to get used to this scene, though. I have a posh background and walked in with an attitude and was taken to task at once.

Now I try to strike a balance between the freedom of the scene and a life within the system, because at the end of the day I want to be able to go on holiday and I do care about money and possessions. Aside from working as a host in the nightclub scene – which I’ve been doing for ten years – I’m also a make-up artist. My make-up style is a bit ‘high-end fashion/darkness’ with arty accents. I do it for Bas Kosters’ shows, amongst others, and of course for myself when I’m hosting club nights.’

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