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Let me introduce you to J.J. Cruising the streets of the Jordaan district on a daily basis, he’s a well-known character in the area. And he has quite an interesting life story, I found out. He was born in Philadelphia, fought in Vietnam, and fell in love in Amsterdam. But it was the sixties and love wasn’t everlasting nor bound to one place, so he wandered off to see some more of the world. It took a few years and some adventures abroad, but eventually he returned to Amsterdam to settle there for good. And now, as a retired man, he spends his days in the streets socializing with people in the Jordaan district. If you’re in the neighborhood, you’ll see him drive by in his mobility scooter, always good-tempered and cheerfully greeting everyone on his way.

Who’s your barber

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Baby Blue

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‘It’s your lucky day: usually I only wear black’



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This is Leen with his wooden bike. He’s built the bike himself after a sketch by a Danish designer he found online. As the sketch was meant to be only esthetic, there was no scale nor measurements in the drawing. It didn’t discourage Leen, though, and he just roughly estimated the proportions and started his project, he proudly tells me. The result looks really fancy, but exactly how well does it actually ride, was my question. That I had to find out myself, Leen responded, so I hopped on for a short ride. Solid, light, agile, I concluded: Leen should start his own brand.

Pink College

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The Convert

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Komt helemaal goed, schat

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Most probably the liveliest sales man at the IJ-Hallen flee market, I heard him from far away while he was singing loudly to recommend his goods. In a reply to my question if he would take a pose in front of the camera, he sang: ‘Komt helemaal goed, schat’ (that’s gonna be just fine, hon), and spread his arms like a competent folk singer.


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Battle of the Pastels

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Modern-day piracy

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How often does one encounter an eye patched, all-black pirate walking down the street? Exactly. So when i noticed this older gentleman walking his little fluffy white dog, I was determined to take his picture. Once in a while it so happens that someone with a somewhat eccentric appearance doesn’t take it as a compliment when I ask them for a picture. Fortunately, the stylish pirate did feel flattered: ‘I’m the first to admit that I am quite vain, so please do take my picture.’ And the dog, with perfectly cut curls, had to fit the picture as well. In the end, the black cape turned out not to be a pirate’s equipment, nor was the silver collection the triumph of mutiny in a far away ocean. Unfortunately, the eye patch was only functional and no indication of 21 century piracy. Hence a pirate out of necessity, though a very stylish one.

This article was featured in online lifestyle magazine NSMBL