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‘My dad is a musician. It was because of him that there was always music around me, growing up. I remember singing along with the piano in my own gibberish English as a four-year-old.’


Olivia and the grunting men

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Situated on a bridge over the Keizers canal, a street artist duo is performing a grunting a cappella act. Seemingly indifferent, Olivia is standing right next to them while applying flowers to her bike in utmost concentration. ‘My gran was watching over my bike last weekend, when I was out of town. Unfortunately, she thought the bike was too much of a catch for bike thieves, being decorated and all, so she removed the flowers.’



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In Colombia, where I was born, I joined baby pageants. Already at that age I loved wearing beautiful clothes. I wasn’t even a year and half when I was adopted and and grew up in Friesland. The interest in looks stayed. When I went to school, I would always take another set of clothes with me, afraid that my clothing would get dirty from playing. My Frisian dad used to say about my sister and me: I’ve got two daughters.


Fashion Family

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‘I’m not in fashion. My wife is, though. She directs fashion shows, for Viktor&Rolf and other Dutch fashion designers.’


Lila & Thoth

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Lila: I would go crazy if I was in one place for too long. Originally we’re from New York City but a few years back we started travelling all over the world. We’ve been in Amsterdam for quite a while now, love the vibe here.

Thoth: Moving from place to place we earn our money performing on the street with our violins. This morning we were in the Vondelpark. It didn’t go so well though, so Lila is a bit annoyed.

Lila: We like to exaggerate our style just a little when we go out to perform. But mainly, what you see is who we are. We have become our artist identities, Lila and Thoth.


The Unknown Artist

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I’ve always wanted to be a model. I’m 65 now, but hey, what do you think – I could still go for it, right? Look at these legs, how toned they are. I owe these beauties to running marathons. I’ve done eighteen so far, three of those under 3 hours.


People usually just laugh

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‘Oh how sweet of you to compliment me on my style. Where I’m from, people usually just laugh when they see me. I love to dress up with hats and all sorts of other funny accessoires and people from my village don’t appreciate that.’


Fight the uniformity

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‘Young people dress extremely uniform these days. It’s a pity. There’s so many possibilities, yet they all choose the same.’


Regular day at the office

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Pastry Baker

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‘I’m Eric. With a ‘c’. I’m a pastry baker. I bake cookies… cakes… you know.’