We’re not being nostalgic

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Mr. Davids: The fashion, the architecture, the music, film; the decades between the 1900s and 1950s are the most inspiring period in terms of cultural developments. (more…)


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‘Seventeen years ago, I moved here via Cameroon and Paris. I’ve always been making art, ever since I was a kid. First, it was mostly fashion – I customized this sweater when I was a student. Nowadays, I make objects and installations. I love working with precious metals. They’re hard to process and refine, but they have a delicate softness at the same time. As an artist, you’re vulnerable working with them, which makes it even more interesting.

My work is being displayed in various places outside of The Netherlands; gaining a foothold in the Dutch art scene proved to be the most challenging.’


‘Freaks come out at night’

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Welcome to the Amsterdam Characters video series. First up: a walk and talk with MC Complicated around his favourite Amsterdam neighbourhood.

Aspiring Mayor

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‘This is my favourite spot in all of Amsterdam. The Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal is the city’s aorta. Tourists don’t come here. It’s intimate, crazy and full of loonies.



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‘My shows always raise questions from the audience. How did I come up with it? Why? What do I mean to say by it? I like to provoke, surprise and sometimes frighten people. I enjoy twisting everyday situations into strange happenings.’


Amsterdam Characters Book In Stores Now

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Amsterdam Characters Book In Stores Now

Roaming the streets of Amsterdam, I’ve come across the most intriguing passers-by. And now you can meet them all. From the woman who only wears pink to the man on his crusade against jeans; old and new characters will make their appearance in the Amsterdam Characters book!

Get your copy here

The Crisp Shirt

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Fast Fashion

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‘I’m a vegan, I spend time on yoga and meditation each day and I am open to each person and every experience that comes my way. I try to pay complete attention to morally-responsible choices in my life.’



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‘I like standing out with my clothes, but I don’t intend to provoke. I wouldn’t wear a cropped top just to get reactions. I do what I find cool and hope other people notice.’


Woman & Woman

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‘We have been happily married for over twenty-eight years. First as man and woman, and last year we renewed our vows as woman and woman.’