Yankee in Overall

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The True Gentleman

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You think you’re looking at a behind the scenes pic of a historical movie? You’re not far off. Mister Davids, on the left, calls himself historisch figurant (historical supporting actor). His whole lifestyle, from his interior to his etiquette, is based on 1880-1945 traditions. To find suitable clothing and design he goes from flee market to flee market, looking for only genuine historical pieces. In the picture he and his friend, both members of a self-proclaimed nostalgics club, are dressed in thirties style. On his website www.thetruegentleman.nl mister Davids offers his expertise, teaching you the know-how of being a historical character.

College Rebel

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Twin Feet

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Coincidental ensemble of the Western church enduring a facelift, police law enforcement on a bicycle and a posing gangster