Green Ensemble

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Primary Color Shocking

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Healing Akko

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One saturday, in the Utrechtsestraat, I almost trip over Akko who’s leaning against a wall. Cheerfully, and with charisma, he greets me. He tells me that in a few minutes, a mantra concert will take place in the vegan restaurant behind him and he invites me the come in and listen. Akko isn’t just an advertiser of mantra concerts; more than that he is an energy healer, he states. With help from all sorts of energies flowing in our world, he seeks to heal people. He assembled his own theory consisting of esoteric ideas, chakra philosophy, old Indian legacy and Jesus. Combining those into one vision, he attempts to improve his patients’ energy flow. And a lot of people could use some healing, he thinks. According to Akko the world has now, after the Maya year of 2012, entered a new stadium in which people are encouraged to open their minds to natural powers. So healing Akko takes the lead in a new consciousness.


My Loyal Dalmatian

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Ton-sur-ton Peter

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I was on my way to central station when, from the corner of my eye, I saw a white appearance walking by. He passed me by in a hurry while his white gown was waving behind him in the wind. I didn’t hesitate and turned my handlebar right away to catch up with him. It turned out the the mystic figure was called Peter, so I learned when I approached him. And Peter showed a sign of relieve when I complimented him with his beautiful style. ‘There are a lot of people that don’t appreciate it. I get a lot of glances and sometimes they call out things,’ he tells me somewhat insecure. Despite the negative reactions in the street, Peter stays true to his own style. He preferably buys vintage items only. Always with attention to detail: everything ton-sur-ton, including the tie and some sort of laptop bag. And the latter is completely non-functional, as would only befit the best of accessories. ‘There’s nothing in there; it’s just part of the outfit.’

This article was featured in online lifestyle magazine NSMBL


Lady Dandy

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Fashion Sunnies

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Prof. Russolo

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It’s an anniversary. Professor Russolo enters the Stedelijk Museum for the 52nd time this year. Every week, on tuesday mornings, he is greeted by expecting smiles on the faces of museum attendants. He will walk around the museum of modern art in his all black-and-white outfit, topping it off with a black hat. He catches a lot of attention and has a committed fan base consisting of the regular Stedelijk visitors. Sometimes fans will hand him over black-and-white gifts, like the self-made scarf an old lady gave him the other day. Especially the groups of older ladies on tours are charmed. Those who don’t know him yet, will come up to him, excusing themselves for being so nosy and then asking who exactly he is and what he does.
Professor Russolo is conceptual artist. As a former composer, he focusses especially on sounds, but in the silent museum he has to be inventive. Using his surroundings, he will make instant bodily art. He will run, crawl, walk in slow motion, press his nose against a table, freeze his arm in horizontal line with a painting. All of this to wake up the visitor. His acts are never overdone, and their subtlety surprise people nonetheless. The visitors will watch, walk along and turn their glance back again. Then a frown or smile will appear. And so his goal is achieved, showing that assumptions about everyday reality can be shaken up. Why live as a blank, invisible human being when you can run, freeze, shake and press your nose against random objects in the street? Professor Russolo is there to inspire people to move freely, create and play.


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