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Starting and running a club is a challenge. The moment I started this project, I had a bag of experience in the hospitality industry and I was co-owner of my own Bar Swych. But running a bar is a whole different story. My alarm went off at 11 in the morning, then I’d go for a croissant and a coffee and after that I opened my doors and guests would start coming in.

The club is a different business. Attracting guests is mostly a matter of concept, marketing and line-up. A club is in the beginning just a space with good sound, lights and a bar. The art is to bring a feeling to the venue. You have to make it into something people feel at home, where they can forget about the workweek that’s behind them. Every guest is equal inside the walls of club Closure, from postman via accountant; everyone is VIP.

A lot of other clubs tend to forget those key values. If I walk in some bar and a bartender asks me how I’m doing, it swipes me off my feet. That doesn’t happen anymore. In my club, there has to be interaction with the guests.

I love the hospitality industry. You get to work with hard workers, free-spirited people, DJ’s and artists. My best moment of the week? When the night is coming to an end in club Closure and the dance floor is still packed with people who are sorry we have to call it a night.

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