Mr. Nightlife

Posted on Dec 18, 2015 | No Comments

The Netherlands radiates dance music. Our king is on stage next to Armin van Buuren at Amsterdam Dance Event, his hands in the air. House music is our biggest export product.

For over fifteen years now I’ve been organising parties, from weekly nights at Club Air to several festivals. Apart from that, I’m a DJ performing about three times a week. From Friday to Sunday, there’s attending of social dinners and then immersing into the nightly scene.

In fifteen years, quite a lot has changes in Dutch nightlife. Festivals have exploded, students in formal dressing have disappeared; the tradition student zones like are no longer there.

The beauty of nightlife is that everything and everyone comes together. It’s an outlet for a wide variety of people, since they all dare to act different at night, compared to during the day. That’s why it’s so important to a city that nightlife can flourish.

During the day, I don’t have to dress formal, so for me night and day aren’t that far apart. I love to dress differently anyway, aim for the attention it generates. At school, I’d be wearing only a bathrobe when I had class for only one hour in the morning. I loved the reactions.


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