Modern-day piracy

Posted on Apr 9, 2014 | No Comments
How often does one encounter an eye patched, all-black pirate walking down the street? Exactly. So when i noticed this older gentleman walking his little fluffy white dog, I was determined to take his picture. Once in a while it so happens that someone with a somewhat eccentric appearance doesn’t take it as a compliment when I ask them for a picture. Fortunately, the stylish pirate did feel flattered: ‘I’m the first to admit that I am quite vain, so please do take my picture.’ And the dog, with perfectly cut curls, had to fit the picture as well. In the end, the black cape turned out not to be a pirate’s equipment, nor was the silver collection the triumph of mutiny in a far away ocean. Unfortunately, the eye patch was only functional and no indication of 21 century piracy. Hence a pirate out of necessity, though a very stylish one.

This article was featured in online lifestyle magazine NSMBL

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