Let Them Call Me Names

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Let Them Call Me Names

I’m from the North of Holland and from an early age on I started to develop in a different way than other people from my age around there. I dressed and acted peculiar. Others confronted me with my – in their eyes – odd behaviour. In the end, you find douchebags everywhere, but I do notice that people from Amsterdam can handle a lot more. This is a beautiful, tolerant city that makes me feel I’m home.

After highschool it was my dream to study branding at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. I thought I’d get in easily with my unique looks and style, but got rejected. That was a heavy setback, though an important one. I’m glad I was put in my place which forced me to learn what I really want and what my talents are. The next year I tried again, and got in. Now I’m in my third year, working harder than ever and doing an internship at a creative agency.

My style has become more subtle than in previous years. In my first years at AMFI, I’d wear tight leggings, T-shirt tucked and dressed like that, you’d see me twerking on stage at the gay club Nyx. Now I try to find expression in smaller details, though I still like to show my dance skills.

Only occasionally, people in the streets of Amsterdam feel the need to call me names. Mostly with a reference to my gay sexual preference, but hey; what’s new? And round the time that Conchita Wurst was all over the news, some thought it funny to compare me with her. I just let it go. They’ll never cross a line and approach me, being two metres tall.




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