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‘I grew up in Anna Paulowna, a small village at the tip of Noord-Holland. It was a strange fate, given that I was born in Seoul, the capital of South Korea and given up for adoption. Fortunately my lovely parents welcomed me with open arms.’

‘Ten years ago, I did go back to my roots to look for the answers to the questions you have if you’re adopted. I tried to find my biological parents too, without success. Last winter I had another go, this time without too many expectations and with an interest in Korean culture. After a wonderful trip, I was able to close the book on my adoption chapter.

I started taking photographs on a road trip through Scandinavia with a friend. We both liked photography and began taking snaps. In Amsterdam we continued as a duo, mainly at parties and events. Soon we were being requested all over the place. I set up my own company this year and tend to focus on shoots, advertorials and branded events.

The work I do is great, but it’s a small world. If you’re off-radar for a while you’re soon forgotten and there are new people to take your place. But ultimately I don’t just want to capture this pretty little world. I want to see other things too, give people an honest perspective on what’s going on in the world.’

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