Healing Akko

Posted on Apr 5, 2014 | No Comments
One saturday, in the Utrechtsestraat, I almost trip over Akko who’s leaning against a wall. Cheerfully, and with charisma, he greets me. He tells me that in a few minutes, a mantra concert will take place in the vegan restaurant behind him and he invites me the come in and listen.¬†Akko isn’t just an advertiser of mantra concerts; more than that he is an energy healer, he states. With help from all sorts of energies flowing in our world, he seeks to heal people. He assembled his own theory consisting of esoteric ideas, chakra philosophy, old Indian legacy and Jesus. Combining those into one vision, he attempts to improve his patients’ energy flow. And a lot of people could use some healing, he thinks. According to Akko the world has now, after the Maya year of 2012, entered a new stadium in which people are encouraged to open their minds to natural powers. So healing Akko takes the lead in a new consciousness.


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