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In Colombia, where I was born, I joined baby pageants. Already at that age I loved wearing beautiful clothes. I wasn’t even a year and half when I was adopted and and grew up in Friesland. The interest in looks stayed. When I went to school, I would always take another set of clothes with me, afraid that my clothing would get dirty from playing. My Frisian dad used to say about my sister and me: I’ve got two daughters.

Still, if you had asked me nine years ago, I would never have predicted where I’d be right now. I attended a sports education in Friesland and played football at a high level. I thought I would go be doing something in sports, or be part of a SWAT team, my other option.

At the school that I attended, there was also an education in hair and skincare. A teacher from that department came up to me one day; asking if I cared to model  for the development of a mask with my dark skin. I joined their class and ended up mixing the products myself, too. I got an instant feel for the substances and understood their functioning better than the students actually attending the education. I loved experimenting so much that I joined this education.

After a year of joining these classes, I started working in hairdressing salons in Friesland. Till that moment when I got a phone call that they wanted me to come work in Amsterdam. That’s 4,5 years ago now; I get to work in one of the best salons in Amsterdam and I do the hair for shoots and shows. And I’m still as vain as before: I dye my hair every week.

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