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‘My interest in women’s clothing started at an early age. As a teenager I regularly searched my sister’s wardrobe for things to try on. My mother’s dresses suffered from my hobby, too. When they were away from home, I’d have my own dressing up party.’

‘I did this for quite a while. I only dared experiment with female forms of appearance alone in the comfort of my own home. I was too afraid to take it any further. I did have the urge to own my own women’s clothing though, so a few years after the first experiment, I started ordering from catalogues.

It started with skirt suits. I felt these were the most direct translation of femininity. But there was a practical problem in terms of wearing them to go out. The catalogue clothes didn’t fit properly. I wanted fitted clothes that didn’t pull at the shoulders so I decided to go to actual shops.

One of the first items I bought was a red leather jacket. This piece marked the beginning of me finding my own style. It was so beautiful that I finally had the guts to wear it out in public. I thought: All this time, I’ve adapted to the expectations of others. Now it’s time others adapted to me. So now I wear whatever I want and I even have my own blog with weekly updates of myself in new outfits.’


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