Esmée and Rockson

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Esmée: ‘My mom grew up in Amsterdam, amongts the hookers in the Redlight District. When she was eighteen, she got married and left for London with her husband, because her parents wanted to move to another part of Holland and she didn’t want to come with them. After London, she wanted to return to Amsterdam, but for my father she moved to an eastern part of Holland. That’s where I grew up.

As a child, Amsterdam had a magical attraction to me. The buzz and the cosiness, it drew me. We often went there on daytrips with the family, usually to the Albert Cuyp market. I looked around at the people there and they gave me a feeling of freedom and warmth. I can very well remember that I saw a mother and son walking on the market together and having so much fun; I wanted that when I was older.

When I was little, I once said to my mom that I wanted to be BOM, a consciously unmarried mother. A child, yes, but a man wasn’t required necessarily. How striking that this is my situation today? Together with my son Rockson, I’ve been living in the Pijp area for 9 years now and I’ve got exactly what I whished for as a child.

Rockson: I don’t want to stay in Amsterdam. I want to go to Barcelona, play football for Barca. Ajax isn’t good enough. Although… If they’d ask me, I’d go there. But not if I can play for Barca as well. Mom, granny and granddad can come, too. I’ll buy them a house.

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