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“During a holiday in the South of France ten years ago, my girlfriend ran away with one of my best friends. Broken hearted I returned to Amsterdam and was walking around purposeless around the Waterlooplein, where I lived at the time. In that condition, I bumped into an old operation lamp. I took the thing home and unleashed all my frustrations in working the object. That’s how my first series of lamps originated.”

“At least a few times a week I drive by waste dumps and demolition places. It’s one big pile of mess every time and therefor questionable what to choose. I look at form, material, interesting oxidation processes. Used objects can get a second life this way. Old sewing machines, for example. I sawed off the heads and replaced it by a lamp. Or old boilers, that I deform so rigorously that in the end it’s not recognizable for its former function anymore.

My biggest inspiration is James Bond. The idea for my current project arose from The spy who loved me, which I used to watch with my dad. In the last scene, James and his bond girl lie in a futuristic vehicle and that inspired me to design a UFO boat that allows you and your girl to sail around the Amsterdam canals while lying down comfortably. A glass of champagne within reach and a curtain that closes when things get very romantic.

I have no fear that my designs won’t sell. There’s a market for everything, that’s my opinion. As long as you create something with attention and love and from an aesthetic viewpoint. I believe every lamp has its customer.”

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