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‘My shows always raise questions from the audience. How did I come up with it? Why? What do I mean to say by it? I like to provoke, surprise and sometimes frighten people. I enjoy twisting everyday situations into strange happenings.’

‘I’ve got an act I’m nicely dressed in and then I start singing a love song about how it feels to be eaten. The song ends with the shout: Let’s eat! After that the music speeds up and I begin to lay the table. Washing up liquid, tin of cat food, strawberries, basil plant, mackerel, an egg. Once it’s all there, I start ramming it all down my throat: the cat food, the raw egg, all of it. And I end with the mackerel clamped between my teeth.

There’s bravado in the act – look what I can do – and disgust and absurdity. People respond in very different ways. Most of them find it fantastic. They enjoy seeing someone do something you shouldn’t. But there are also people who run out gagging. Why do I want to do this? I think it’s got something to do with rebelling against the idea that certain things aren’t done. My aim is to challenge bourgeois values.’


You find Ana and her story in the Amsterdam Characters Book

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