Fight the uniformity

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‘Young people dress extremely uniform these days. It’s a pity. There’s so many possibilities, yet they all choose the same.’


Regular day at the office

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Pastry Baker

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‘I’m Eric. With a ‘c’. I’m a pastry baker. I bake cookies… cakes… you know.’


She does own a computer

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‘We are Mrs. Van der Heijde and Mrs. Van Dries. She lives in Amsterdam and I’m visiting her. We just went shopping for tableware at this lovely crockery shop around the corner. You should go there some time.’

‘It’s so nice to be together in a picture for once. Will you send it to me? I’ll write down my home address. And please give your business card to my friend, she does own a computer.’

Pretty British

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I used to work for Crazy Johnny

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I used to work for Crazy Johnny, a Waterlooplein celebrity. He was a pro in buying and selling vintage and he was the first to sell those flared adidas training trousers that everybody wore during the nineties.

I really got the hang of it, working with that vintage junkie. Now I get my own vintage items from all around the world. My blue jacket is a seventies original, my shoes are from Tunis, the jacket from Kathmandu. I’m crazy for vintage.