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We gotta run!

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Quick, quick! We’ve got to run, we’re late for a festival!

I have tried other colours

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‘I only wear pink. I’ve tried buying clothes in other colours, but I end up wearing my pink items’



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‘We thought we ought to be in matching outfits as we went longboarding together.’


Sunday Suit

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This business chick in comfy sunday suit, wears and sells her self-made jewelry:

Spotted at the Moderne Hippies fair at Roest Amsterdam.


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Colleague-photographers Guillaume and Jan are out on the streets in Amsterdam on a daily basis to shoot the best city-life scenes. As Jan was dressed quite ‘je-ne-sais-francais’ himself, I asked him for a picture. Willingly, though not totally at ease, he posed in front of my camera. Guillaume was so kind to instruct him: ‘Will you stop talking, already? That way the lady will never be able to get you a charming picture’.


How to hypnotise

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Swag hairdresser

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Among all the happy people crowding the ‘Moderne Hippies’ hippie fair at Roest, this man was standing out. With a content smile on his face he was running an open-air barbershop. Looking this swag, who wouldn’t trust him for a new hairdo?

Check for updates on their periodical hippie fair.