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“As a child I regularly took trips with my parents from Brussels to Amsterdam, to visit my grandparents. I already knew back then that I wanted to live there one day. In 1975 I made the move and started working as a radiologist at a hospital. As I always looked very colourful, they appointed me as VIVA girl – I was supposed to visit terminal patients to lift their spirits.” (more…)


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“Clothes serve as a means to show yourself. To radiate that you dare to express and impress, saying: ‘This is me, this is what I stand for. I’m special.’


Throwback – interview Amsterdam Television

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Watch the interview here (in Dutch)


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I don’t know what initially triggered my interest in clothing. Apparently, I was already really picky when I was a little kid. Being one of the youngest of five, my older sister would take me shopping at C&A. She still reminisces – there was no steering me in the process; I knew exactly what I wanted and what combinations I wanted to wear.



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I started my blog after my English teacher commented that I really ought to work on my English language proficiency. If I didn’t improve, I’d fail her subject, she warned me. So I thought, why not train my language skills whilst working on something I actually like. Four years later, I was nominated for the Zalando bloggers award.



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‘I bought the glasses a few years ago, expecting to only wear them at home as a replacement for my contacts. Now, they’ve become my signature look.’



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A seasoned dance enthusiast, Jan knows Amsterdam nightlife and the other way ’round. With his distinctive eclectic style and signature glasses, he’s the colourful character at a bunch of ADE parties this week.